Robin Berk Bird’s Nest Ornaments

A Watts Exclusive. One-of-a-kind, hand-crafted holiday decorations, lovingly made by local designer, Robin Berk.

Each bird's nest is truly unique. No two are alike. Below are several pictures, depicting current items instore. call to speak to a salesperson who can better assist you with desired colors or styles that will be available. 1-800-747-9288.

Examples of styles include: Red Bird, Red Glitter Bird, White Sequin Bird, Gold Sequin Bird, Gold Glitter Bird, Simple Cardinal, Traditional, Bright, Whites & Purples, etc. Specify if interested in realistic nest, colorful foliage, bird style, etc.

-Each style will vary slightly.
-Many styles available instore
-Please specific desired colors or styles
-Comes with attached clip to afix to tree, garland, etc.
-Approx. 8" diameter

  • Price: $28.00
  • Color: Assorted Styles

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