Woodbury Pitchers

Welcoming usability in a tasteful and versatile design

As part of our stately Woodbury line, the Woodbury Pitchers make use of clean lines and simple shapes to create an attractive, functional statement. Available in three capable sizes- a 64 fluid ounce, a 24 fluid ounce, and a 6 fluid ounce creamer size- these elegant vessels feature rectangular bodies and generous use of materials.
Each is fitted with a gracefully curving glass handle affixed to an angled corner, achieving a sleek, visually intriguing look.

  • Formed from clear, lead-free glass
  • Handcrafted by Simon Pearce's master glassblowers
  • Available in three versatile sizes
  • Pair with our other Woodbury glassware for a cohesive appeal
Our eminently usable Woodbury Pitchers are ideal for iced tea, juice, milk, or even martinis.

Woodbury Pitcher (MD): H7 1/2" W3 1/4" 24oz
Woodbury Pitcher (LG): H9 1/2" W4 1/4" 64oz
Woodbury Creamer: H4 1/2" W2 1/4 6oz

  • Price: $130.00 - $160.00
  • Model: 1214

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Woodbury Pitcher (Large)

Woodbury Pitchers

  • Price: $160.00
  • Model: 1214
  • Reviews: None Yet

Woodbury Pitcher (Medium)

Woodbury Pitchers

  • Price: $130.00
  • Model: 1211
  • Reviews: None Yet


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